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Study Abroad in India

India is probably the world’s largest kaleidoscope of cultural and ethnic diversity with incredible sights and experiences. 

International students are discovering that it is also a great value education destination in its own right, well-known for its top-notch IT and engineering degree programs which are recognised worldwide. English is the official language of instruction at all higher education institutions, living costs are low and internship opportunities aplenty.

A compelling factor for anyone contemplating a course of study in India is that English is the medium of instruction in all universities and colleges. It is a good legacy from their colonial masters and it has served India well as English is the international language of commerce and diplomacy.

According to the latest estimates, India has over 677 universities and 37,204 colleges to serve a population of over 1 billion people.

There are 45 central universities, 318 state universities, 185 state private universities, 129 deemed universities and 51 institutions of national importance.

Indian universities have produced world-class talent such as Mr Satya Nadella, global CEO of Microsoft and Mr Sundar Pichai, global CEO of Google. Mr Nadella is a graduate of Manipal Institute of Technology and Mr Pichai is a graduate of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Indian universities are particularly strong in pure sciences, applied physics, mathematics, chemistry and biotechnology.

In terms of costs, India ranks the lowest amongst English-speaking countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Studying in India is a special experience for any student as the country is rich in cultural heritage.

For more information, visit www.mhrd.gov.in

Scholarships are available from Indian Council for Cultural Relations: www.iccr.gov.in



Edupoll’s Top Management Institutes in India are:

  • Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (also ranked for best campus and faculty)
  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow
  • Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata
  • Indian Institute of Management, Indore
  • Management Development Institute, Gurgaon
  • Xavier Labour Relation Institute School of Management, Jamshedpur (XLRI)
  • Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi
  • S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research
  • ISB, Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  • Jamnalai Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, University of Mumbai


The top Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) are:

  • Kharagpur
  • Bombay
  • Kanpur
  • Madras
  • Delhi