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Divorce Negotiation

Divorce is a long and winding process for most couples. There are many rational and irrational complexities and the emotional burden on all parties can be heavy and onerous.

Important Tips for Divorce Negotiation:

  • Know exactly what you want in the legal settlement – your aspiration point and reservation point
  • Hire a good family lawyer – this is not the time to save money
  • Have a written agenda
  • Hire a private investigator if necessary to uncover new information about your spouse and related finances and assets. Collect this intelligence way before conducting the negotiation with your spouse and the lawyers
  • Be as cool and calm as possible about the whole thing if you want to make the right decisions. Manage your emotions and not your emotions managing you.
  • Divorce can be stressful; so keep the right perspective about the whole thing
  • During the negotiation, don’t succumb to pressure from your own lawyer or the lawyers from the other side. Never be forced to make an unconsidered decision. Take time out to discuss and think about the important issues
  • Use a checklist to keep your focus
  • Be assertive with your demands eg child custody, division of assets
  • Most family courts prioritise the welfare of children; therefore you and your future ex-spouse must come up with a good arrangement that will satisfy the judge.