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Top MBA Guide

An MBA degree can be a springboard to corporate success whether it be a career change or professional advancement. Check out our MBA Guide for B-school rankings, application tips and financing.

According to research by Raffles Leadership Centre, over 80% of MBA graduates are senior managers and above in their organisation. That speaks volume for the value of an MBA program. In fact, Harvard University, Stanford University and Columbia University have produced over 100 billionaires to date.  A good MBA opens door and confers credibility in the workplace whether in Singapore or anywhere in the world.

Based on an application trends survey by GMAC, the top 7 reason for studying for an MBA degree are:-

  1. To open new career opportunities
  2. Personal development
  3. To further current career
  4. To increase salary
  5. Educational experience
  6. Potential to network
  7. Company advice or requirement

A good MBA program will train an executive to think strategically, lead cross-functional business teams and to view organisational problems from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Core modules include strategy, finance and marketing. Essential electives include leadership, negotiation and entrepreneurship.

How to choose the right MBA program? Edupoll.org has developed a selection criteria to help you make the right choice. The criteria comprising 16 factors is based on a full-time MBA program:-

  1. Reputation of the business school
  2. Accreditation of the MBA program by AACSB, AMBA or EQUIS
  3. Country and location of business school
  4. Business school rankings
  5. Quality of teaching faculty
  6. MBA curriculum
  7. Tuition fee
  8. Teaching methods
  9. Living costs
  10. Career services
  11. Recommendation by former students
  12. Starting salaries of graduates
  13. Alumni network worldwide
  14. Cohort profile eg GMAT and GPA
  15. Return on investment
  16. Citations in major media eg Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Fortune

Based on a proprietary evaluation model, Edupoll.org has citations for the following top MBA programs in Singapore with their Singapore MBA Rankings:-

  1. INSEAD France MBA
  2. National University of Singapore UCLA EMBA
  3. Nanyang Technological University MBA
  4. Singapore Management University MBA
  5. Rutgers University USA MBA
  6. Temple University USA MBA
  7. Aalto University Finland MBA
  8. University of Manchester UK MBA
  9. University of Birmingham UK MBA
  10. University of Hull UK EMBA
  11. University of Strathclyde Scotland MBA
  12. University of Nottingham UK MBA
  13. S P Jain India MBA